About Us

Allure Effect is a creative design and brand identity professional company. Founded in 2012, we’ve provided highly tailored graphic design and web development solutions to satisfied clients across the world. We are a small, agile Nigerian design team with a unique multidisciplinary approach, incorporating strategic design, development, business know-how and research based consumer psychology. We help promote your brand by producing beautiful and eye catching graphic designs, Web designs, App development, Motion Graphics, Animations, Videos, Cartoons and Printing Services.

Advanced Technologies80%
Production Capacity95%
Utilization Rate70%
Customer Satisfaction100%

Our Vision Statement

Year after year, Allure Effect will be widely recognized as the best provider of innovative, Creative and top notch visual communication services for the Nigerian society and the world at large.

Our Mission Statement

· To help clients achieve their graphic design requirements, specializing in the most advanced high quality, innovative and creative solutions available today

· To maintain existing business performance, and actively seek additional certification achievements

·  To apply continuous improvement throughout our business to produce results that directly, and positively impact on our clients’ business objectives.



We follow a tried, tested and continuously improving workflow for all our design and development projects. While we make a concerted effort to simplify the process for our clients, quite a bit happens behind the scenes. We pride ourselves on being exceptionally easy to work with. For most, that includes managing our projects in an efficient and thoughtful manner – leaving our clients to the business of managing the day to day operations of their growing companies. Here are the processes we follow:


Brand Design and Management
Your brand identity is the image your brand passes across to its target audience. We will help you pass the right message to your target audience. The recognition and perception of your brand is highly influenced by its visual presentation, your brand’s visual identity is the overall look of its communications.

Brand designs includes:
> Logo creation
> Brand stationery designs
> Other brand collateral.

Brand Strategy
We will give you qualitative and functional ideas to promote your brand’s publicity, and to broaden the reach of your brand.


We provide you with quality creative and graphic designs, encompassing a wide range of design items including:
> Logos
> Album arts
> Brochures
> Display pictures
> Souvenirs
> Flyers
> Online and social media banners
> Other print and design related items.


We will help promote your brand on social media. By making use of the appropriate channels, we help broaden the scope and reach of your business.


Web design may not be rocket science, but it’s not child’s play either. For today’s companies, the website has become one of the most important facets for communication with their client base, partners and investors. In the case of e-commerce businesses, the website is the company’s storefront. All the more reason it needs to (A) do what you need it to do, and (B) not look like every other website out there. We will make these happen.


Aesthetic Excellence


Everything Image.







We are registered under CAC.