20 Beautifully Illustrated Alternative Movie Posters

20 Unofficial Illustrated Movie Posters We Love

20 Beautifully Illustrated Alternative Movie Posters

At a time when official movie poster reveals are arguably as exciting as opening weekends, it’s no wonder so many creatives are carving out time to create their own alternative movie posters—whether for a client, for self-promotion or just for fun. Similarly, it’s no wonder we can’t help but drool over all the beautiful illustrated and painterly work we’ve seen lately.

That’s why we’ve rounded up 20 of our favorite unofficial posters below. You may not have seen these illustrated posters in the wild during the respective film’s marketing campaign days, but they’re just as fun to look at now.

20 Unofficial Illustrated Movie Posters We Love

1. Baby Driver Self-Promotional Poster by Sam Gilbey

alternative movie posters Sam Gilbey

2. A Just-for-Fun Poster for The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 by Matt Ferguson

alternative movie posters matt ferguson

3. Prometheus Poster by Gabz for Grey Matter Art

alternative Poster by Gabz for Grey Matter Art

4. Pulp Fiction Poster by Marie Bergeron for a Group Commission

alternative movie posters

5. Teen Wolf Private Commission by Sam Gilbey

alternative movie posters sam gilbey

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6. Apocalypse Now Poster by Sebastian Onufszak

7. Self-Initiated Poster for The Silence of the Lambs by Gabz

alternative movie posters by gabz

8. The Force Awakens Self-Promo Piece by Sam Gilbey

alternative most posters by sam gilbey

9. Logan-Inspired Poster Created by Marie Bergeron

alternative movie posters

10. Alternative Poster for The Fly by Aleksander Walijewski

alternative movie posters

11. Time Bandits Poster by Rich Kelly for Mondo

12. Privately Commissioned Aladdin Poster by Tom Miatke

13. Alternative Poster for Cube by Aleksander Walijewski

alternative movie posters

14. Lord of the Rings Poster by Tom Miatke for Hero Complex Gallery

alternative movie posters

15. Dead Poet’s Society Private Poster Commission by Sam Gilbey

alternative movie posters sam gilbey

16. Alternative Poster for Jacob’s Ladder by Aleksander Walijewski

alternative movie postesr

17. Finding Nemo Poster by Tom Miatke for Hero Complex Gallery

alternative film posters

18. Alternative Poster for Psycho by Aleksander Walijewski

alternative movie posters

19. Alternative Poster for Big Significant Things by Gabz

alternative movie posters

20. Total Recall Poster by Matt Ferguson for Grey Matter Art

alternative movie posters by Matt Ferguson

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